Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment

This condition that you are suffering from is synonymous to squamous cell carcinoma which can be cured by surgical procedures.

Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common form of skin cancer in the UK  after basal cell carcinoma and accounting around 10% of skin cancer. It is found on the lips, ears, palms, and soles of the feet and has a high risk of spreading. People with squamous cell carcinoma are at risk of developing new skin cancers in the future.

What is Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

Squamous cell carcinoma is an epidermal skin cancer that grows in the skin’s epithelial cells called squamous cells. squamous carcinoma can also grow in other body organs including lips, mouth, lungs, esophagus, vagina, urinary bladder, and prostate. Though cancer in these organs developed by the same kind of cell, various body parts differ in exhibiting symptoms, prognosis, and response to the squamous cell carcinoma treatment.

Squamous cell cancer occurs when squamous cells in the skin get out of control and majorly caused due to the cumulative exposure of the skin to ultraviolet light that damages the DNA of skin cells.  While most skin cancers occur as brand new patches, squamous cell carcinomas develop from precursors known as actinic keratosis or solar keratosis. These are rough, flat, pink patches on the skin that settle and extend beyond the normal skin surface where they become carcinogenic.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Diagnosis

Diagnosis involves evaluation of the history of skin abnormalities in the patient’s family. The doctor performs a detailed examination by checking the mass and lymph nodes and the confirmation of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Diagnosis is done using the biopsy.

Our Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment Clinics are available in Central London, North London, Stanmore, Pinner, Rickmansworth, Watford etc.

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Squamous Cell Carcinoma Surgery

For squamous carcinoma surgery, excision or Mohs microscopic reconstructive technique is used. The first line procedure of squamous cell carcinoma surgery involves removal of cancerous tissues by excision and subsequent freezing & further processing & examination.

Mohs reconstructive surgery is the more efficient method that gives a better analysis of the carcinoma while ensuring minimal removal of the normal tissue. Mohs surgery involves the removal of cancerous cells by examining each layer under microscope prior to removing the next layer. This process is repeated until no more cancerous squamous cells can be found.

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Dr. Neil is a highly qualified and experienced reconstructive surgeon, with extensive experience treating a vast variety of abnormal skin growths, skin masses, and malignancies.

Our Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment Clinics are available in Central London, North London, Stanmore, Pinner, Rickmansworth, Watford etc.