Fractures of the Fingers & Metacarpals Release

Repairing Hand Injuries

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Finger Fractures

The bones in the hand are small enough that a broken or broken finger is not a minor injury. The bones of the normal hand correspond to those of the back.

They allow you to perform many special functions, such as grabbing a pen or manipulating small objects with the palm of your hand. If you break a finger bone, it can cause your whole hand to lose alignment. Even after treatment, the broken finger remains stiff and painful.

Metacarpal fractures

The metacarpal bones are the longest bones of the hand, between the wrist and the joint between the fingers. Your knuckles end in it, which is why you can see when you make a fist. Metacarpal bone fractures are the most common, accounting for about 40% of all hand fractures.

They occur after accidental falls, direct blows, and punches. They are more likely to occur in men than women and occurs between the ages of 11 and 45.

It is possible to break the metatarsal bone at each of the four main points; these are the head, neck, shaft, and base. A severe fracture is when several parts of the bone are broken. The severity of the fracture depends on which part of the bone is broken, the type of fracture, and the pattern of the most severe and severe fractures.


The metacarpal bone is covered by many types of soft tissue, including ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels. In a metatarsal fracture, bones and soft tissues are injured. The metacarpal of the head & neck is the most common part of the bone that needs to be broken and that occurs at the joint of the ankles.

The pain is caused by trauma to the surrounding soft tissues, the bone itself, and the nerve endings. Bruising and swelling after a broken middle hand are not uncommon. This swelling is due to bleeding from the bone and trauma. The swelling is due to the injury.

You should consult a specialized plastic surgeon or hand surgeon or therapist immediately after assessing your hand to rule out fractures if you have persistent pain or injury to your hand. Bone fractures can lead to permanent changes in the shape and appearance of the hand. It is possible to move the hand and fingers after any type of fracture, but it is important not to presume that it is not broken just because you can move the fingers.

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Finger & Metacarpal fractures surgical treatment

The fingers are the finest structures in the human body that help with daily routine activities and coordinate movements. An anomaly affecting the fingers can have a huge impact on the patient’s quality of life. Finger fractures are minor injuries that, if left untreated, can have serious consequences due to impairments of specific functions such as the grasping and manipulation of objects with the palm of the hand. Fractures of the fingers disturb the alignment of the entire hand and cause pain and stiffness.

The hand contains 27 small bones. The 8 carpal bones form the wrist, and the 5 metatarsal bones spread over the palm of the hand join the phalanx of the fingers; the fingers comprise 14 phalanges.


X-rays are used as diagnostic tools in the assessment of fractures. The diagnosis of finger fractures is based on the history, physical examination, and X-rays to determine the type and severity of the fracture.

Early fracturing management has the goal of controlling bleeding, relieving pain, preventing ischemic injury and bone death, and excluding the sources of infection such as foreign bodies and dead tissue. The next step in fracture management after the reduction of fractures is fracture maintenance. It is important to ensure that the affected part of the body can resume its function once the fracture has healed. In order to achieve this, the maintenance of fractures is carried out by means of reduction and immobilization techniques using non-surgical methods.

Finger & Metacarpal fractures surgical treatment

Surgical treatment may be required for severe bone fractures such as open fractures and contusions.

Our expert hand surgeon will make an incision to reposition your bone fragments into their normal alignment. Small metal devices like wires, screws, staples, pins, and plates might be used to realign bones.

Dr. Neil Toft has got a high level of specialization and extensive clinical experience at NHS, and other well-renowned hand surgery clinics in the UK. any fracture, injury o deformity that affects your hand can be cared for, treated, as well as returned to an optimal level of recovery through expert handling and exceptional surgical skills.

Our Fractures of the Fingers & Metacarpals Release Treatment Clinics are available in Central London, North London, Stanmore, Pinner, Rickmansworth, Watford etc.