Keloid Scars Treatment

Keloids or keloid scars could be extremely distressing for those who suffer with them. keloids are often extremely difficult to treat and their unsightly appearance could be the source of embarrassment.  At Neil Toft Clinic we do offer a range of surgical keloid scar removal treatments that could help you.

What are keloids or keloid scars?

Keloid is a medical condition concerning a scar formed due to an abnormal process in the body. They are initiated by fibroblasts-signal that are received from the skin cells called keratinocytes. The signal to the fibroblasts results in overproduction of collagen leading to extra scar formation.

Keloids scars can develop as a result of following procedures like tattoos or piercings and can also occur after treatments such as deep chemical peels or aggressive lasers. Keloids are defined as an overgrowth of collagen or raised scars that often extend beyond the borders of the original cut/wound.  They can grow to significant size and also be associated with symptoms uch as itching, redness, and peeling.

What are the causes of keloids?

Genetics play a crucial role, however, they can develop in anyone and in any ethnicity. Persistent inflammation and stress could lead to keloids.  The persistent presence of infection or areas with poor hygiene can even lead to the formation of keloid scars.

Where do they normally occur?

Keloid scars normally occur over the upper chest, breast bone, upper arms, shoulders, ears, scalp, back & lower legs. They are particularly common after ear piercings as well as after wounds and cuts.

Surgical treatment options for keloid scars

Neil Toft’s plastic surgery and Keloid scars removal clinic in UK offers cutting-edge keloid scar removal treatment and individualized care. Dr. Neil Toft provides the most effective keloid scar surgery treatment options including scar excision, cryotherapy, laser, and reconstruction.

He is the best keloid scar removal doctor in UK who is known for his precision surgery that ensures the most optimal outcomes for patients.  The keloid scar removal surgery requires experienced and highly skilled plastic surgeons to ensure superior results.

Our Keloid Scars Treatment Clinics are available in Central London, North London, Stanmore, Pinner, Rickmansworth, Watford etc.

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Effective keloid scar removal treatment

Large, visible scars are unavoidable as a result of injuries or operations. Scar revision surgery minimises the appearance of the scar and helps it to blend into the surrounding skin. Plastic surgeons at Neil Toft clinic specialise in treating scars with advanced aesthetic reconstruction techniques to improve the appearance of scars and reduce scar size.

To achieve the best results in treating hypertrophic keloid scars, the top keloid scar doctor in UK recommends a combination of revision surgery and steroid injections. In the outpatient area, our surgeons remove excess scar tissue and reconstruct surrounding skin and other soft tissues after the procedure to minimise scars.

Plastic surgeons at Neil Toft Clinic who speiclaise in treating different scars use the most advanced reconstructive & aesthetic techniques to minimize the scar appearance & make it even unnoticeable.

The soft tissue surrounding the wound can change shape, with the dimples sinking, becoming uneven or increasing as the wound heals. Surgical incisions can heal without stitches, but sutures can change the appearance of the scar. If the stitches are not removed, the top layer of the skin above the stitch entry point can heal and the stitch can become a permanent feature, resulting in a railway scar. Scars can also form after an injury healed, causing the skin on one side of one scar to be higher than the skin on the other side – a type of scar known as a trapdoor scar.

Our reconstructive plastic surgeons perform keloid scar revision surgery with a variety of techniques and select the most effective method for you based on the type, size and location of the scar.

Scar Surgeons can reduce the size of the scar by repositioning the scar in a less visible area, reversing the contours of skin and other soft tissues and correcting sunken or dimples that occur when a wound causes a scar that is too deep or wide.

Another option is laser surgery. Skin grafts can also be used to close the wound. The skin is replaced or attached to a place where the skin is missing. A skin graft is performed by removing a piece of healthy skin from an area of the body (the so-called donor site) and attaching it to the required area.

Scars can be treated with a variety of different lasers depending on the cause of the scar. Lasers are used to smooth out scars, remove abnormal colors from the scar and smooth them out. Several treatments may be required for the initial type of therapy. Most laser treatments for scars are performed in conjunction with other treatments, including steroid injections, the use of special bandages, and the use of bandages.

Our Keloid Scars Treatment Clinics are available in Central London, North London, Stanmore, Pinner, Rickmansworth, Watford etc.