Malignant Melanoma Treatment

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What is Malignant Melanoma?

Malignant melanoma is a type of skin cancer that forms in melanocytes-the cells that produce brown pigment (melanin) and moles. When melanocytes become malignant they cause melanoma. These are the cells that darken when exposed to harmful UV rays. Unlike other forms of skin cancer, malignant melanoma may develop in other parts of the body that are not normally exposed to sunlight, such as the bottoms of the feet or groin and it may also develop in the eye.


Early detection of melanoma increases the number of treatment options available and the chances of a cure. If you have melanoma or other skin cancer, you will be looked after by a team of specialists including a dermatologist, a plastic surgeon, a radiotherapy specialist,  an oncologist, an expert in tissue diseases. Your doctor will start with a physical exam, check your medical history, and check your family history before diagnosing melanoma.

A malignant melanoma diagnosis can be confirmed by a biopsy. Check if the lymph nodes of melanoma are enlarged and if cancer has entered the lymph vessels of other parts of the body. Melanoma can be diagnosed with a sentinel node biopsy if you or a member of your treatment team feel a node in your lymph nodes.

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Malignant Melanoma Treatment & Management

Treatment options for melanoma are typically based on the stage and location of cancer. Early stages of melanoma are often treated with surgery alone, but advanced melanoma usually requires surgery in combination with other treatments.

Surgery is the definitive treatment for early-stage melanoma patients, wide local excision with CLND (completion lymph node dissection in patients with positive biopsy results and it is considered the mainstay of treatment for primary melanoma patients.

Malignant melanoma is a complex disease, so it is crucial to work with experienced cancer or expert malignant melanoma doctors who are trained as well as up-to-date on today’s advanced technologies, and treatments. At Neil Toft’s malignant melanoma treatment clinic, you can expect precision cancer treatments including minimally-invasive surgeries.

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Our Malignant Melanoma Treatment Clinics are available in Central London, North London, Stanmore, Pinner, Rickmansworth, Watford etc.