Mr Neil Toft

Consultant Plastic Surgeon



0845 094 5657



Hand Surgery

Mr Toft is a plastic surgeon with a special interest in hand surgery. Much of his NHS practice involves hand surgery especially trauma, dupuytren's disease, nerve compression and children's hand deformities. Below is a list of hand conditions regularly treated by Mr Toft. The list is not comprehensive, and many other conditions are amenable to treatment. Mr Toft is a full member of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand.


Carpal tunnel syndrome

Congenital hand abnormalities

Cubital tunnel syndrome

de Quervain's tenosynovitis

Dupuytren's disease

Extensor tendon injuries

Finger tip injuries

Flexor tendon injuries

Forearm injuries

Ganglions /cysts

Hand fractures

Golfer's elbow


Joint replacement

Nerve injuries


Rheumatoid arthritis

Tennis elbow


Trigger finger

For more information on common hand conditions the American Society for Surgery of the Hand has excellent information on its website (