Mr Neil Toft

Consultant Plastic Surgeon



0845 094 5657



General Plastic Surgery

Mr Toft has a broad practice in general plastic surgery in both the NHS and privately. He offers the following operations listed below. This list is not comprehensive, and many other procedures can be performed. For further information please contact his private secretary.

Mole removal

>> simple moles

>> cysts

>> lumps

>> warts

Skin cancer excision

>> basal cell carcinoma (BCC or rodent ulcer)

>> squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)

>> malignant melanoma (MM)

Scar revision

>> all types

>> all sites

>> hypertrophic scars

>> keloid scars

Burn excision

>> revision of old burn scars

>> skin graft excision

Split ear lobe repair

>> complete tear

>> incomplete tear

incomplete tear